I’m Michelle and I’m an artist and maker from Toronto, Canada. I’m in love with ideas: building them, cultivating them, and watching them come to fruition with a little love and care and let’s be honest, a lot of sweat. Nothing makes me happier.

I don’t have the average story of how I got here. My background is very diverse, ranging everywhere from building props/sets, the catering industry, and cruise ships (true story). All this has given me a very unique insight into communication and visual representation. I have used this insight to polish, cultivate and adapt my skills in a never ending mission to learn.

I love creating and allow my creativity to flow in the direction it’s going. Sometime that’s woodcarving, sometimes it exploring through photography, other times it’s sculpting.

I feel it is my social, environmental and moral obligation to produce beautiful products in a way that does not destroy the earth’s resources or its people.

I am aware and thoughtful of the materials I choose to work with. And, actively seeking to have a more ethical, sustainable practice, and find that through simple awareness, I’m able to reuse materials, avoid harmful processes, and repurpose found materials.