Lifou, Bit Series

Concrete, Ceramic Resin For as long as I can remember, I have collected little bits of discarded things with the intent to embed them in my next sculptural work. The way I find them is always the same, I never look for them, but something about the shape or texture will catch my eye and I feel an overwhelming need to look at it up close. Usually after I’ve dug it out of some grime, I realize that I’ve just stuck my hand in some substance I would not have otherwise gone near. Nonetheless, I am always thankful for my momentary oblivion as I’ve now collected something of no worth, but great intrigue to me. I started calling them ‘my bits’ and I’ve collected these ‘bits’ from all corners of the world – always with the vision that they will somehow become a part of something I create and will remind me of that day, that moment, that guck that it came from. But once I get home, my reality is always the same, I can never commit to one way I see this small discarded object being used. I became increasingly aware that I was placing a lot of meaning, memories, and value on these bits of rubbish. The Bits Series has come from this awareness of value I’ve placed on someone else’s rubbish. To me, these small discarded objects have become precious and timeless. The figures displaying these bits serve to elevate the otherwise discarded object. The bit themselves are cast as it is too precious to part with.