My style is very candid and natural. I use all the natural light available for a bright, airy feel.

I want to tell your family’s story. No two families are the same, and so no two sessions are the same.I aim to capture your family connection, emotions, and special moments in all it’s natural and unique beauty.

My goal is show how you love one another and not just show the ones you love in a photo together.

Children, pets, and families change so quickly, so capturing the tiny little reactions and moments that mark this special and brief time in your lives will make your heart sing when you look back on them in days to come.


Lifestyle Photography:

In a lifestyle session, I might stage certain activities, and might do some gentle prompting, but for the most part your session is self-directed. So, you might hear me say things like, “Let’s move over by the window for better light. Ok, now, give mom a hug. Now, look at me. Now, tickle fight!”.

Many hugs, kisses, snuggles, and laughs will be captured. Some of the littlest, simplest moments are some of the most beautiful.

I aim to keep the atmosphere very relaxed, natural, and allow for truly candid moments and interactions, but will also make sure to sneak in a few gently styled poses to make sure we have all the bases covered. Nothing formal, just you, the ones you love, and your story.